Welcome to Aradon

Aradon is a family owned and operated company specializing in the mining and manufacture of Australian Gemstones & Mineral products and quality pewter souvenirs & gifts. We also operate the world famous Mt Hay Gemstone Tourist Park, where you can fossick for your own 120 million year old Thundereggs and Spherulitic Rhyolite – also known as Rainforest Jasper.

Most of our Australian Gemstone has been proudly mined by us. We travel throughout Western Australia, the Northern Territory and Queensland to bring you the best quality stones that we can find. It’s something our family has been doing for years and we are very passionate about it. Our aim is to share the beauty of these stones with you!

Within these pages you will discover a wonderful range of unique Australian Gemstones and Minerals, beautifully detailed pewter products and the wonders of Mt Hay Gemstone Tourist Park.