Australian Gemstones - Green Fuchsite

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This stone is a metamorphosed rock that originates from Fuchsite or Chrome Mica. Green Prase is formed when a pre existing zone of Fuchsite is transformed under extreme heat and pressure, and in combination with silica rich solutions to form a new stone variety.

The stone is generally not translucent, except where the quartz has infilled cracks in the stone and allows some light through.

Much of the deposit retains the brilliant emerald green colouring of Fuchsite, but can also be found in lighter shades of green due to weathering.

This deposit is located near Cookes Creek about 70km from Nullagine in the Pilbara region of Western Australia.

With a MOH’s hardness of around 6, Green Prase is best suited for lower value jewellery, carvings and ornaments.