Australian Gemstones - Tiger Iron

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Tiger Iron is a unique gemstone found only in the Pilbara region of Western Australia. Tiger Iron is mined from an Archaean formation (3000 million years) in the Ord Ranges, near Port Hedland in Western Australia. This area is rich in iron ore used in the steel industry.

The stones striking pattern consists of narrow alternating bands or layers of golden Tiger Eye, silver metallic Hematite and red, brown or black Jaspilite.

The deposit is unique because it appears to be the only recorded occurrence of Crocidolite (Blue Asbestos) in a formation of this age. Crocidolite is leached by iron rich minerals and silicified to produce the golden Tiger Eye we see in the stone today.

During its formation, much of the deposit was subject to incredible heat and pressure which has resulted in the bands of the rock being folded.

This combination of colour and pattern is highly regarded and has helped make Tiger Iron one of Australia’s best known semi-precious gemstones.

Tiger Iron is used widely in jewellery, carvings, ornaments and more recently in furniture, bench tops and floor tiles.