Pewter Emu Coaster


Code:                   PC03

Origin:                 Australia

Individual coasters packaged in clear plastic wallet

Also available in Sets:-

Set of 4 -$70.00

Set of 5- $85.00

Set of 6 -$100.00

Sets of Coaster are packaged in Aradon Gift Box (Maroon colour)




Pewter Emu Coaster

The emu is the second largest bird living on earth today.  Unable to fly, it can run at speeds of 50kph.  It grows to a height of two metres and is found throughout mainland Australia from tropics to desert to snow areas, living on mainly grass seeds and grains.

It is featured on the Australian Coat of Arm, along with the Kangaroo.


Additional information

Weight0.072 kg
Dimensions75 × 75 × 10 mm


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