Pewter Tasmanian Devil -small


Code: PFSS30

Origin: Australia

Includes velvet pouch and information card


Pewter Tasmanian Devil -small: This nocturnal animal is a strong, thickset, flesh-eating marsupial of the native cat family.  they have wide gaping jaws set with sharp canine teeth for killing their prey by pouncing on the back of the neck- mainly small game, mice, reptiles and poultry.  Devils live in the bush and forests of Tasmania and sleep most of the day under rocks or in hollow logs.


Since earlier times, craftsmen have been extracting a small amount of a shiny precious metal (Tin) from a mass of rock, and then using that metal to manufacture articles to decorate their homes.

Tin is the fourth most valuable metal in general use, after Platinum, Gold and Silver, and has been used to manufacture Pewter since those early times.

Modern Pewter is an alloy that contains 92% Tin, 6% Antimony and 2% Copper.  The Antimony is used to harden the alloy, and the Copper is used to improve its workability.

To maintain the finish of your Pewter articles, wash in hot water using liquid soap and rinse in almost boiling water.  Immediately dry and polish with a soft cloth.

Additional information

Weight0.018 kg
Dimensions45 × 20 × 15 mm


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